Look North Gallery is dedicated to promoting Inuit Art through its curation of contemporary sculptures and prints from world-renowned artists and emerging talents. The knowledgeable staff have a love and understanding of Inuit culture and provide a personalized search service to assist customers in finding authentic art from the Alaskan and Canadian Arctic.


Founded in 2006 by Jim Clark, the gallery is committed to promoting Inuit and Arctic culture through scheduled openings, exhibits in arts-related venues and by appointment. Jim has traveled and worked in Arctic communities for over 25 years as a ship Captain on numerous commercial and research vessels. The collection of artwork found at the gallery is a reflection of this experience and longtime passion. The gallery utilizes its platform to promote Inuit art as a contemporary art form within the United States and create awareness of climate change. Past collaborations include the American Museum of Natural History, the Brooklyn Museum, the Climate Reality Project, and the Explorers Club.


Located on the waterfront in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NYC.