Abraham Anghik Ruben - Selected Works: Open House Viewing 12 - 6 PM

30 April 2023 

Stories, myths and legends of ancient Northern cultures find new life and expression through these powerful and compelling works. Linked by strong narratives, Abraham’s sculptures speak of cultures lost and times forgotten.


Abraham Anghik Ruben was born in Paulatuk, Northwest Territories in 1951 and has become a major innovative force among Inuit sculptors. Abraham has always thought of himself as part of the world of contemporary sculptors and has had to break down many of the subtle barriers that constrain the Inuit artist. He has proven that an Inuit can root himself in the south without losing his cultural Identity.


Abraham has clung fiercely to the stories and traditions he was taught as a child and although he studied art at university, he has often chosen non-traditional materials and tools to tell us the old tales and legends in a new way.